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Our Story

As fellow city foodies and chilliholics, we, Mad Jelly, aspire to make your busy life easier without compromising the taste.

Our mission is to create a guilt-free chilli sauce that combines the beauty of traditional sauce making and modern wellness concept - let us take care of your body.

我們都是無辣不歡的美食達人,於忙碌的生活之中,Mad Jelly希望為你提供一個方便又好味的選擇,


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Growing up in the international food paradise - Hong Kong, we love chilli sauce in our everyday life.

We studied the secrets between traditional recipes, ingredients and cooking methods, explored new potentials from international cuisine and non-stop experimentation to give you the ultimate bomb! 




Our products are proudly Made In Hong Kong. We work with our licensed sauce production house with over 50 years experience in Hong Kong to craft small batches to ensure the highest food safety standards.

Mad Jelly的所有產品都是於香港製造,我們與具有超過五十多年經驗的醬園合作,每一個步驟都非常精確,加上小量生產更能控制品質,保證可以符合食物安全品質的國際標準,令大家食得放心。

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